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All of our Football Coahes are Heads Up Certified!!

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General Information

Colchester Cougars is a member of the Northern Connecticut Football League (NCFL).  The NCFL is a 8 team league that plays 1 game per week that starts in September.  Games can be played on Saturday nights but are usually played on Sundays, weekends need to be flexible. Over the years, Cougars have made it to the playoffs, which is an additional 2 weeks of playoffs and the championship game will be played on November 17th this year.

Our Awards banquet is held in December for all athletes that complete the season.

All Colchester residents and residents of East Hampton, East Haddam/Moodus, Salem, Bozrah and Lebanon are eligible as long as the football player meets the listed age and weight requirements, cheerleaders only need to meet the listed age requirement.  There are no tryouts for football or cheerleading and each section is a coed sport.

In 2015, the NCFL has voted in a flag football for ages 4-5. This is a non-tackling way to introduce your child to the joy of football. Cougar’s flag football practices and games will not be more than two days a week, days and times to be determined. Practice and games will start early September.  In 2017 we began offering  a 4/5 year old cheerleading program also.  Flag football and cheerleading families do not have to participate in club fundraising but are welcome to do so if they choose.  Flag football and cheerleading families are also not required to fulfill the same volunteer requirments as the A, B, C, or D squad families but may be asked to lend a hand throughout the season.  The 2019 registration fee will be $65.00

D Squad ages (6-7) maximum weight 105, with an on the line tackle-to-tackle weight of 105.1 to 119.  This is an instructional age group with no scores kept.  There is a D Squad Jamboree held the first weekend in November for all of the NCFL teams.

C Squad ages (8-9) maximum weight 120, with an on the line tackle-to-tackle weight of 120.1 to 144.

B Squad ages (10-11) maximum weight 145, with an on the line tackle-to-tackle weight of 145.1 to 174.

A Squad ages (12-13) maximum weight 175, with an on the line tackle-to-tackle weight of unlimited.

HIgh school students can not participate in the NCFL.

Football players and Cheerleaders can be 14 years of age but must be in 8th grade of the playing season.

Cheerleaders attend the NCFL competition usually the second Saturday in November and States date to be determined.

Football players will have a mandatory requirement to attend weigh-ins on September 7th, time and place to be determined.  In order to play in Sunday's games all players must make weight.  If the player doesn't attend or does not make weight at the mandatory weigh-in, they will need to fulfill additional weigh-in requirements and it may delay their ability to play in future games.   

Cougar camps are optional but, it's a good introduction to the fundamentals of the sports and also allows the athletes time to get to know their teammates.

Football and Cheerleadig camp will be held this season July 15, 2019 - July 18, 2019, with a rain date of July 19, 2019.

Our season starts July 29th at the Colchester Recplex, Field - R8, all practices and home games will be on this field unless otherwise notified.  We start our first week conditioning the football players and cheerleaders.  This week, is a very important week as your athlete is required to have 10 hours of conditioning before starting the season. If you are going to be away this week you will need to talk to the Head Coach Coordinators about making up the conditioning hours before your child can move forward. Cougars encourages that your child attends conditioning week as it increases your child's comfort level and team building for the entire squad to do this together. 

It's important for your athletes to attend practices as it conditions and teaches your athletes their position and improves on their skills to reduce injuries to themselves and their teammates.  

Regular Practices are Monday - Friday (football) and Monday -Thursday (cheerleading) 6-8 pm, until school starts then they will drop down to three nights a week.  Usually Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, 6-8 pm except D squad will reduce to 6-7:30 pm.  Practice nights are subject to change due to weather or school events. Cougars will not practice the night before Colchester public school starts.  The cheerleaders will be moved into a school gym once school starts they will be notified by their head coach as to when the switch will be made and what days of the week practice will be held.  School practices are CLOSED with only cheerleaders, coaches and authorized CYF officials present. 

Football scrimmages - there are usually two planned before the season starts they can be during the week or on the weekends. 

All required uniforms are loaned to the athletes and is covered in the registration fee, however, if items are not returned or are damaged you will be billed for the applicable item.  You will be contacted or instructed as to when the uniform fittings are, we take pride in fitting your child correctly, and this may take some time so please be patient with your equipment coordinators.  Football players will be required to have an athlete’s cup and cleats.  Cheerleaders will have to purchase a pair of cheer sneakers that they will be fitted for during uniform fittings.  We do have a cleat and sneaker swap bucket at the field you can look for your size or donated any cleats or sneakers that are no longer being used.

Coaches are required to pass a national background check, they are Head's Up and concussion certified.  Head's Up is an NFL supported program that teaches proper techniques to help reduce injuries and concussions. Safety is very important to us!

Our program is run strictly by volunteers, and in order to keep the costs of the registration fees down parents have a requirement to participate in the concession stand and other game day activities along with our fundraiser.  See the forms under additional registration info for more information regarding these requirements. 

Registration fees are the same for football players and cheerleaders and are as follows for the 2019 season the first child is $175.00, second is $150.00 and third is $125.00 with a family cap of $450.00. Limited scholarships are available and the application can be found on the homepage.

NCFL Physician forms are required to be filled out by your physician, or an APRN or RN in their office or a walk-in clinic.  A physical is not required by NCFL or CYF; we require that your physician sign off (after January 1, 2019) on your athlete to be physically fit to participate in the contact spot of football or cheerleading.  Before they can participate they must have this form completed.  If you have a state blue physical form signed by your physician after January 1, 2019 you can use this form but the parent is still required to sign the NCFL physician form.  Both of these forms will be required for your athlete to participate.  Please keep in mind that some physician offices take a few weeks to fill this form out, please plan ahead.  

The Cougars play in a very competitive league.  Playing-time at every level is based on several criteria, including player safety, participation in practice and skill level.  The league has established a minimum play requirement of 6-plays per game.  A balance of developing players, winning games and having fun is most important for coaches at every level. Our goal is to teach kids to love this game and move them to the next level year after year, right through high school.  

Monthly CYF meetings are usually the first Wednesday of the month but are subject to change due to meeting room availability or holidays.  Meetings are held at the Polish Club Feb-July at 7:30 pm and August-Nov at 8:30 pm (following practice) Dec 7:30 pm.  Any CYF member is welcome to attend.

Football and cheerleading are both very dedicated sports, however, it's one that will teach your child how to play hard, work as a team towards a common goal and good sportsmanship!


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Registration Forms

The following doucments are the registration forms you can print these out and bring them to the July 8th open registration or you can mail them to:

CFY, PO Box 311, Colchester, CT 06415

If you are new to Cougars we will also need a copy of your birth certificate.

NCFL Regristration Form.pdf

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2015 Parent Ethic Form.pdf

2015 Player's Ethic Form.pdf

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2019 Volunteer form.pdf

If you are interested in sign up for Football camp

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If you are interested in sign up for Cheer camp

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Physician Forms

NCFL Physician forms are required to be fill out by your physician, or an APRN or RN in their office or a walk-in-clinic. A physical is not required by NCFL or CYF; we do require that your physician sign off (after January 1, 2019) on your athlete to be physically fit to participate in the contact spot of football or cheerleading. This form must be completed before an athlete can participate. If you have a state blue physical form signed by your physician after January 1, 2019 you can use this form but the parent still needs to sign the NCFL Physician form. Both of these forms will be required to be completed before your athlete can participate.

Physician's Statement Form.pdf